Who are we?

Suit Club is the research lab of Dr. Ying Ding, who is the Bill & Lewis Suit Professor at the School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin. Our club conducts cutting-edge research on AI in health and data-driven science of science.

We focus on but are not limited to the following topics:

AI in Health


● Building tools/apps/softwares to power evidence-based care by using clinical practices and patient data.

● Building a large scale knowledge graph for PubMed.

● Building a bioportal to connect researchers with bio entities and develop AI algorithms to enable better expert findings.

AI in Medicine


● Building a large scale knowledge graph by integrating 20+ datasets in drug discovery.

● Developing deep graph mining algorithms for drug discovery.

Data-Driven Science

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● Developing entity metrics by applying bibliometric methods to medicine so as to facilitate scientific discovery.

● Measuring the pace of AI innovations from the perspectives of innovation diffusion, team collaboration, labor division, and diversity.

● Selfish knowledge: understanding scientific success and self-promotions.

What we have ?

Suit Invited Talk Series

sponsored by Mary R. Boyvey Dean’s Excellence Fund and Suit Endowment Fund

Suit Invited Talk Series

AI Health Data Challenge

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AI Health Data Challenge

Registration Open Soon ...

A challenge based on the MIMIC-III database welcomes all UT students from diverse backgrounds to join us to explore cutting edge technology in evidence-based care. Partipatients will work as a team to create an app for mining large datasets of electronic medical records. The first and second winners would earn a big cash prize as well as a presentation chance on our websites.
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